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About Us

No cyclist outfit is ever complete without a proper cycling cap. Bellocyclist delivers the essential and in a great style too. No compromise in quality and with a top notch design. Comfy to wear, funky to look at. The banana pattern one I've got is simply a head-turner. Two thumbs up!

— Ivan, Graphic Designer

The Story

Cycling and looking splendid on and off the bicycle are an increasingly popular phenomenon among cyclist. We cycle to work, to the grocery store, visiting friends, going to the pub or enjoying a summer ride down to the beach, venturing up the mighty hills, cycling caps are an essential piece of accessory.

Being part of an ever growing, international cycling scene, we have come to realise, that the recent ‘cycling-craze’ not only brings out more people onto the roads, but assembles groups, teams, friends who spend great amount of time together going on rides, chatting, socialising, feeling great. Such a social event, like in every aspect of our lives, makes people select their clothing for the occasion. We dress up for themed rides, for long distance, endurance rides, for the everyday commute, for the evening when we do a bit of cycle-dating or just go down to the pub for a pint or two.

YES! The right choice of CYCLING CAP! Here we go. The rest goes without saying. Well, love it or hate it, we have designed some what we thought would be the like of peeps with similar temptation. And, if you are still not satisfied with what you see, don’t you worry, as you can design your own cap, or we can help you in designing one.

Happy Days!